Let’s write together.


Longing to write a bit, or with a bit more ease, or with a bit more power or beauty? Want to finish or just get started?

I’ve taught novice writers and accomplished ones, on college campuses and in prison classrooms. Along the way, I’ve discovered techniques that allow the best work to flow onto the page, with maximum meaning and minimum angst. After years of mulling and planning, I’ve finally distilled this experience into online courses designed to be enjoyable, supportive, and deeply inspiring for people working at any level. They’ll offer the following:

  • generative weekly sessions combining craft talks, prompts, writing time, and group discussion
  • a warm, welcoming community
  • optional sharing and feedback from fellow workshoppers
  • simple strategies for letting go of writing fears
  • reading of masterful, mind-expanding published work
  • letters of personalized feedback/response from me
  • pure, brain-illuminating fun (because really, why do it otherwise?)

Along with weekly live meetings (via a free online platform), each class will have its own virtual workshop space where we will gather to share work, discuss the readings and prompts, and create the essential, supportive community every one needs for their creative efforts.

Classes are forming now, ages 15 to 115. This fall, I’m offering the workshops at reduced introductory rates. No deposit needed—just submit your name and email address to reserve your spot, and cancel at anytime.

Spots are limited, so please claim yours.


Writing Your Life: Memoir for Everyone

Create an autobiographical record for yourself, for loved ones, or for publication. This class has been offered at public libraries, in prisons, and at universities, and has helped writers of all levels turn memories into memoir.

We will discuss:
● How to turn family history into compelling stories
● Prompts and exercises for excavating your most resonant stories
● Readings of inspiring autobiographical writing
Note: This is an encouraging, non-judgmental group where we respect each other’s privacy and personal boundaries.

TUESDAYS, 4 to 6:30 PM, for 5 weeks. STARTS SEPT 28, 2020


The Fiction Workshop: Get Going, Keep Going

This is a group for writers who are ready to devote some real time to starting or completing works of fiction. Perhaps you’re a student or recent graduate from a writing program, perhaps you’re trying to write while holding down a job or raising a family. Perhaps you’ve been thinking of a story for months or years, and are finally ready to dive in and set it down in words.

We will write together, share our work, give and receive responses. In brief craft talks, I’ll discuss my approaches to plotting, characterization, and refining one’s voice. We’ll talk about the path to publishing. I’ll also provide a personal letter of feedback for you, based on a limited number of pages. You’ll find a community of fellow writers and make real progress in your work.

THURSDAYS, 4 to 6:30 PM, for 5 weeks. STARTS OCT 8, 2020


Writing for Visual Artists

Over the years, I’ve worked with artist friends, helping them write grant and residency applications, gallery talks, and descriptive material for exhibitions. I’ve found that artists typically have astounding ideas but sometimes struggle with translating them for a particular audience or readership, or they lack the confidence to write them down at all. This one-of-a-kind workshop is designed to help visual artists write about their work in the most vivid, engaging way possible. Without resorting to jargon, you’ll articulate your creative vision in clear, intelligent language that will raise your profile and light up your mind.

WEDNESDAYS, 2 to 4 PM, for 4 weeks. STARTS OCT 14, 2020


Reserve your spot now. Cancel anytime. No payment required until two weeks before start date.