Stories, Essays, Interviews

Podcast: Meeting Your Muse With Debra Jo Immergut — An episode of The Inside Flap, a weekly book podcast with hosts Laura and Dave Medicus, July 2020

Video: Interabang Author Chat with Debra Jo Immergut — interview with critic and bookseller Lori Feathers of Interabang Books , July 2020

Making Space in Marriage, Even as the Walls Close In — Modern Love essay in the New York Times, May 2020

Afternoon and After — essay in Narrative, excerpted from the anthology Strange Attractors: Lives Changed by Chance (Univ of Massachusetts Press), March 2019

Happy Valentine’s Day, Mrs. Blumenstrauss — essay in Narrative Magazine, February 2018  (named one of the Top 5 Stories Of 2017-2018 by the editors of Narrative)  

The Music of The Captives: An Annotated Playlist — Large Hearted Boy, June 2018

Iggy, Summer — short story in Narrative, June 2018

To Cause a Deep Stirring: The Millions Interview — with short-story writer Scott Karambis,  The Millions, June 2018

Interview with Novelist Edie Meidav — The Rumpus, June 2018

Thrillers in Disguise: 10 Essential Literary Novels That Taught Me to Write Suspense — essay in CrimeReads, June 2018

Video: CSPAN Book TV appearance  — filmed at 2018 Texas Book Festival, a conversation about the US criminal justice system

Audio: NPR New England Public Radio interview — with NEPR’s Karen Brown

Other work

As a design and arts journalist, Debra Jo Immergut has written for the Wall Street Journal, the Boston Globe, Dwell, New York magazine, and others.

She’s done lots of other things too…mom, fast food ranchhand, soda jerk, teacher at military bases, libraries and prisons.  She also co-authored an award-winning sewing book for Storey Publishing, called Improv Sewing.